Ideas drive innovation. They are the basis for all the game changing things that shape the course of human history. That is why we at Softerra gather brilliant professionals that apply their extraordinary creativity to produce the best ideas.
But what’s more important, is making those ideas happen. And that is what we are here for. To switch on bright ideas and let them live as actual solutions to actual problems.

To provide the best possible solutions we always approach the problems we are solving from all possible angles. We are constantly seeking not only for the most obvious ways but also of the most elegant ones. Taking a fresh look at a challenge helps us to find the best possible approach that is often hidden from the eyes. This help us to consciously drive innovation and improve our products and services every day.

What We Do

We at Softerra are a team of professionals that are dedicated to apply own experience and expertise to solve problems that people face every day. This includes providing standard products and solutions for the IT industry as well as research and development of custom software from scratch. We also provide embedded research and development services for things like IoT and custom chips and electronics.

Products & Solutions


Along with our industry-leading solutions we also provide some smaller free utilities that you can download straight away.



R&D Services


Various electronics is now ruling the world. And we rule the electronics.
We provide R&D services for embedded technology that includes modifying existing tech to fulfill the specific needs of the client, development of custom chips and devices and creating internal software to run all this.
If you can think it, we can build it.


Software & Web
R&D Services


If you have a bright idea that needs an equally bright execution, we are here to help you with that. Softerra provides research and development for software and web projects starting from scratch. All we need is direction that you need to provide. Everything else is on us. Just show us a point that we need to reach and we’ll provide all the vehicles needed for that. This includes planning, estimating time and costs, choosing most appropriate instruments, providing expertise and actual development of the solution.

About Us


Since 1999 Softerra has established a very strong position in all the super competitive markets it is operating at. We provide state of the art solutions and outstanding services that are recognized by thousands of our customers as well as industry experts. Being professionals ourselves allows us to fully understand the industries' problems and come up with relevant solutions for them. We provide a perfect blend of experience and innovation to provide the best products and services possible.


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