Softerra™ SPML2 Library

Brief Product Info

Softerra™ SPML2 Library is an open source library written in C# for creating SPML-enabled applications using Microsoft's .NET development framework. It supports the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) version 2.0 specification based on DSML v2 Profile. However, it is flexible enough to be extended for using with any custom capabilities and profiles. The library includes code samples and test cases.

Initially Softerra started SPML2 Library creation for its internal use developing SPML-enabled Softerra™ Adaxes™ v.2010.1. After several months of the library development and enhancements, Softerra decided to share the results with all interested parties.

How to Use It

Softerra™ SPML2Library is absolutely free for all kinds of use including commercial and distributed under the GNU General Public License conditions.

How to Evaluate It

You can download Softerra™ SPML2 Library below:
Download Softerra™ SPML2 Library

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